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Fujian huazong machinery co., LTD. Is specialized in plastic film granulator, plastic film crusher and automatic granulator production and sales. Fujian huandong machinery co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the r&d, production and sales of all kinds of plastic machinery products. Company is located in the hometown of quanzhou, jinjiang city, covers an area of more than 10 acres, has a standard production workshop 5000 square meters, now has a group of more experienced and more precise processing equipment, professional and technical personnel and professional colleges and universities, research institutes to carry out technical cooperation, aims to promote the technology innovation of the product on the basis of original level, the development of high technology content of new products, improve the market competitiveness of products.
The company's main products are: hydraulic cutting machine, plastic granulator, plastic film to jilt soil machine, plastic film shredding machine, plastic film cleaning line, plastic rubber head shredding machine, plastic machine, plastic dryer, woven bag recycling granulation equipment cleaning, double screw plastic granulator, single screw plastic granulator, waste film cleaning granulation equipment, shredding machine, crusher, plastic recycling granulator, water-based extrusion pelleting machine, automatic feeding unit, cutting unit, PVC plastic granulator, water ring cutting unit, plastic pipe, and production; PVC, PP, PE plastic sheet, sheet metal production line; More than 10 kinds of plastic extruding machine, such as plastic blowing machine.
China vertical machinery co., LTD will win users' trust and recommendation with better product quality, more considerate after-sales service and more reasonable price.