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The shrimp shell has a new identity - as a plastic bag for substituting polyethylene.
Source: http://www.huazongsj.com Release time: 2017-12-22

After peeling the shrimp shells, it's time to get into the shrimp, and what can the rest of the shrimp shell do?
Egyptian biotech engineers have found a new role for shrimp shells - as a raw material for plastic bags, replacing traditional polyethylene bags that cannot be broken down.
, foreign media reported recently by the university of Nottingham and Egypt Nile university researchers in a biological engineering team is using the shrimp shell material to produce a new type of plastic bags, supposed to replace the common plastic shopping bags.
All non-biodegradable plastic bags come from fossil fuels, and this new plastic bag is not only greener, it can also extend the shelf life of food.

Plastic shopping bags can be very convenient, but they are also an environmental problem for countries like Egypt.
These plastic bags not only pollute the water, but also the environmental authorities have to take measures to deal with the white pollution.
To help solve the problem, the team is studying Chitosan, a synthetic polymer made from discarded shrimp shells.

The aim of the study was to produce a biopolymer nanocomposite suitable for the Egyptian environment to replace polyethylene made from plastic shopping bags.
This biodegradable material is also very cheap.
Remove carbonate by hydrochloric acid soaking shrimp shell, and then by alkali solution of alkali boil off protein and lipid, and then washing to neutral, decoloring using KMnO4 solution or H2O2 solution, finally drying chitosan can be calculated out.
The chitosan sheet can be processed into plastic film by conventional manufacturing method.

Chitosan has been applied in the medical industry of food packaging box, which also has antibacterial properties and can prolong the shelf life of food.

Engineering college of Nottingham Dr Nicola Everitt says: "using biodegradable polymers made of shrimp shell to make plastic bags, not only can reduce carbon emissions, reduce accumulated in street or illegal dump sites of food and packaging waste."

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