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Dow launched two - way stretch polyethylene tf-bope.
Source: http://www.huazongsj.com Release time: 2017-12-22

Two-way stretching polyethylene TF - BOPE is dow packaging and special plastic asia-pacific r&d team with north American material science team cooperation, according to the local and the global packaging market demand, a breakthrough solution, leading research and development for dow INNATETM precision packaging resin family added a revolutionary product.
Compared with traditional polyethylene film, tf-bope films have higher mechanical properties and material rigidity, better optical and printing properties.

From left to right: XiaoKe da (dow packing food and special products and special plastics business in Asia Pacific marketing director), guo tao (fujian kaida group co., LTD., general manager), Pan Jinghong (guangdong crown film new material co., LTD., vice President), Wu Chang (dow packaging and special plastics business in Asia Pacific technical director)

"In the past ten years, our Asia Pacific packaging packaging industry research and development team, insight into market pain points, in view of the limitations of existing polyethylene film products and packaging in the future the trend of the development of the market, break through the traditional PE products shall not apply to technical limitations of two-way stretching process, developed the products of revolutionary significance."
Tao's packaging and special plastics business department asia-pacific technical director wu chang said.

With the unique technology of dow, the tf-bope film has excellent optical properties, such as high transparency and high gloss, in addition to a breakthrough meeting the strict requirements of bidirectional stretching.
The fog is only one fifth of the average PE film.

In terms of mechanical properties, the tf-bope film has twice the impact strength of the normal polyethylene film, three times the anti-puncture force, three times the tensile strength, and twice the tensile modulus.
The material is excellent in rubbing and folding, and it maintains good toughness under low temperature conditions. All of these have achieved a great leap in the performance of traditional polyethylene film.

Safer, greener, more sustainable packaging solutions:

The excellent mechanical properties of tf-bope films provide a sufficient reduction space for traditional polyethylene applications and can be used to replace the bidirectional stretch nylon (BOPA) and other polymers used in the packaging toughening layer.

Thanks to the excellent optical performance and can be printed, TF - BOPE film layer can be directly used in packaging and printing, with the traditional polyethylene heat sealing layer is tie-in, implements all polyethylene packaging structure, thus more conducive to recycling, is a more sustainable environmental solutions;

Tf-bope films have good tearing properties, can replace traditional polyethylene, and realize the easy to tear design of packaging products, thus improving the convenience of use.
At present, dow has cooperated with guangdong deguan film new material co., ltd. and fujian kaida group co., ltd. to realize the commercial production and application of innovative tf-bope in liquid cleaning bag.

Traditional liquid washing bag using PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and BOPA packaging materials, and adopting new TF - instead of BOPA BOPE for liquid washing bag layer, can reduce the dosage of packaging materials, also can enhance the mechanical properties of the packaging bags.
In addition, dow is actively cooperating with other suppliers to promote the wide application of this excellent tf-bope material in rice bags, pet food packaging and heavy packaging bags.

"At present, the new starting in Asia, then hit the market in the global synchronization," dow packing food and special products and special plastic sales department asia-pacific marketing director XiaoKe added.

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