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Can liquid plastic spray gun learn the principle of 3D printer?
Source: http://www.huazongsj.com Release time: 2017-12-22
When it comes to 3D printers, you must be familiar and unfamiliar.
Familiar with the news is that the 3D printer is always reported, printing the biological model to save lives, and so on;
Strange that it should be a consumer product, but how many families?

Yes, 3 d printer was supposed to be a walk into the family, the small and medium-sized enterprise products, like inkjet printers, home users can be used to print gadgets such as toys, such as tableware, enterprises can be used to print the prototype design.
Unfortunately, it is hard to control costs and practical limitations that make it a must-have tool.
Maybe the form of the printer is not suitable for 3D printing at all?
A company called Bondic has changed to try to find the real "sweet spot" of 3D printing.
In fact, it's an attempt to see hope.

The "Bondicevo" gadget is technically not a 3D printer, it's more like a "liquid torch", but it works like a 3D printer.
For example, it USES a plastic ball as a raw material, which can be melted into any shape according to the user's requirements, and then can be fixed in four seconds through the ultraviolet lamp.

For example, when the data line is cracked, it is only necessary to apply a uniform plastic solution on the fracture site with Bondicevo, and then turn on the uv lamp for 4 or 5 seconds, and the data line will be renewed.

A cracked table?
No problem, Bondicevo can also be dealt with, and it will be OK when you apply it evenly.
Basically, there is no Bondicevo to handle the damage, which is really a "fix the artifact".

It is interesting to note that Bondicevo is the invention of a German dentist, his name is Thomas Offermann, when for dental patients with sudden inspiration, and then into the Kickstarter the raise website to collect, eventually getting listed on the user support and success.

Thomas Offermann after several years of efforts, the design a number of prototype, reference the concept of 3 d printers, the size of the final design into a water pistol utility, which is a breakthrough compared with the general 3 d printers.
In addition, the price is only $17, and the low price is undoubtedly an important factor for users.

It is clear that the makers of 3D printers should refer to Bondicevo, bringing in some of the more convenient and inexpensive 3D printer products that may change the unconsumable predicament of the product.

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