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Introduction of electrical control system of plastic extruder.
Source: http://www.huazongsj.com Release time: 2017-12-22

Plastic extruder is plastic pelletizing host, roughly divided into the transmission of the electrical control system of plastic extrusion unit control and temperature control of two parts, the implementation of extrusion process including temperature, pressure, screw revolution, cooling, cooling, machine barrel screw products control, cooling and diameter and drawing speed, neat row line and ensure the line plate from the line in empty plate to a plateful of constant tension control.
Temperature control of plastic extruder.
The plastic extrusion of wire and cable insulation and sheath is based on the deformation characteristics of thermoplastic plastic, which makes it in a viscous flow state.
Except for screw and barrel external heating, to the plastic melt extrusion, but also the screw extrusion plastic itself fever, temperature requirements of the host should consider from overall, therefore, should not only consider the heater heating on and off, and to consider the screw of the factors of cooling the heat, to be effective cooling facilities.
The position and installation method of the thermocouple of the measuring element can be determined correctly, and the actual temperature of each segment can be accurately reflected from the temperature control meter reading.
As well as the precision of the temperature control instrument and the system, the fluctuation stability of the whole host temperature control system can meet the requirements of the extrusion temperature of various plastics.

Pressure control of plastic extruder.
In order to reflect the extrusion of the nose, need to detect the head pressure of extrusion, because domestic squeeze molding machine head no pressure sensor, is generally after the screw extrusion force of alternative head pressure measurement, screw load table (ammeter or a voltmeter) can correctly reflect the size of the extrusion pressure.
Extrusion pressure fluctuations, also is one of the important factors of instability caused by extrusion quality, extrusion pressure fluctuations and the use of the extrusion temperature, cooling device, closely related to factors such as the length of the continuous operation time.
When abnormal phenomenon occurs, it can be ruled out quickly, and the production must be reorganized to stop it, so as to avoid the increase of waste products and prevent the occurrence of accidents.
By reading the pressure gauge, the pressure state of the plastic in the extrusion can be known, and the rear thrust limit alarm control is generally taken.
Control of screw speed of plastic extruder.
The adjustment and stability of screw rotational speed is one of the important process requirements of main engine transmission.
The screw rotation speed directly decide the quantity of glue and the speed, the normal production always wanted to achieve the highest rotational speed and achieve high yield as much as possible, the screw rotation speed to squeeze molding machine requirement from starting work to the required speed, speed range that can be used.
And demand is high, to the stability of the speed because the rotation speed fluctuations will lead to the fluctuation of impact extrusion quality, so in the case of traction linear speed did not change, can cause the change of the cable diameter.
Large fluctuations in the same way as traction device wire speed can cause the change of the cable diameter, screw and traction linear velocity can be reflected on the corresponding instrument, should be closely observed when it is squeezed, ensure good quality and high yield.
Control of outer diameter of plastic extruder.
As mentioned above in order to guarantee the products size of cable diameter, in addition to the required control line core (core) size tolerance, the extrusion temperature, screw speed and traction device linear velocity should be controlled to ensure, and outer diameter measuring control comprehensively reflect the control precision and level.
In crowded molding machine group equipment, high speed extrusion production line, in particular, should be with online diameter detector, at any time to test the cable outer diameter, and the error signal feedback to adjust traction or screw speed, out-of-tolerance correct diameter.
Tension control required for plastic extruder.
In order to ensure that under the different wire speed take-up, from empty to plateful job requires constant tension and hope to receive wiring device have storage line tension adjustment mechanism, or consider constant linear velocity and constant tension on electric system of winding and so on.
Electrical automation control of plastic extruder.
This is the process control requirement to realize high speed extrusion line, mainly: power-on temperature interlock;
Work pressure protection and interlocking;
The ratio synchronization control of two parts driving force is extruded and pulled.
Synchronous control of receiving line and traction;
External diameter online detection and feedback control;
The control of single and complete machine tracking according to various requirements.

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