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The value of plastic is calculated.
Source: http://www.huazongsj.com Release time: 2017-12-22
Plastic granules, it should be said a ton of "plastic" theoretically can produce a ton of grain, because we will put it granulation is a form of plastic by thermoplastic melt extrusion drawing dicing, and become another form, simple said is only a physical transformation process.
However you mentioned is to waste plastic can produce much, to be objective analysis is a contains many impurities in the tons of waste plastic, because recycled plastic granules could only have the following objectives:

First, the bulky volume of waste plastics is reduced to a granule, that is, to shrink the volume so that it can be stored;
Transportation, or in favor of shaping machine processing.

Second, because waste plastic contains many impurities, it needs to be removed through sorting, cleaning and filtration.
To facilitate the production of qualified plastic products.

Third, will use the waste plastic formula after the introduction of different additives such as plasticizers, increased melting agent, toughening agent, filling agent, brightener, mobile agent, and so on blending granulation to improve or improve its physical and chemical indicators.

To sum up, it can be seen from the first point that it is only to reduce the volume of raw material thermoplase, and do not change its chemical composition. In theory, the law of mass conservation does not increase or decrease.
The second unknown factor is how much impurities are contained, and how much the output depends on the impurities.
The same is true for the third, which increases the weight of the raw material, depending on how many other substances you add!
We put it, of course, is theoretical, in fact of waste plastic will be more or less impurities, also has a little loss in the process of practical production such as crushing, washing, filtration of adhesion in the filtering online discarded, etc., only the less of them.

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