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Plastic machinery companies need to stand on innovative shoulders to pick "apples"
Source: http://www.huazongsj.com Release time: 2017-12-22
At present, the domestic market demand for high-grade plastic machinery is very large, among them, the home appliance, automobile, plastic products industry is the biggest demand for plastic machine.
Learned, "twelfth five-year" period, smooth molding machine market overall trend upward, in the high-end machines while on the sales amount is not dominant, but not in terms of profits on low-end products.

In the international market, in recent years, the artificial cost of industrial developed countries has increased, and it is transferring to developing countries, especially southeast Asian countries.
Its domestic production is high, the fine plastic machine is the main, the artificial labor input the big plastic machine depends on the import to solve.
According to the expert of plastic machine, the potential of middle and high - grade plastic machine international market is very big.
As long as the quality of domestic plastic machine can be improved, the delivery time can guarantee, the future of the plastic machine export is very optimistic.

From the perspective of the technological development trend of the mechanical manufacturing industry, the proportion of highly efficient automatic machines in our factories will increase year by year.
In addition, due to the increase of labor cost in China, the price advantage of the low - and middle-grade plastic machine will be gradually lost.
Increased demand for high-end machines in this situation, the molding machine industry in China must change concept, vigorously develop efficient advanced plastic machinery, improve market competitiveness, in pay attention to the sales at the same time, more should pay attention to after-sales service, efforts to innovation occupy more market share.

The mastery of e-commerce technology in the 21st century will be a great driving force for the growth of trade in the plastic machine industry.
China plastic machinery began in the late 50 s of the 20th century, with the development of China petrochemical industry, China plastics machinery industry gradually formed an independent industry, and begun to take shape to create a number of world-class molding machine enterprises, at the same time, there are a lot of potential small and medium-sized enterprises.
Under the current international competition environment, only by the original advantage cannot have satisfied in the process of modern trade compression cost, demand and profit maximization, speed up the development of electronic commerce become domestic plastic machinery industry cope with the challenge of economic globalization, grasp the initiative, improve the international competitiveness of the development inevitably choice.

China's plastic machine market is very active today, but the cruel market situation and competitive situation have pushed relevant enterprises in the plastic industry chain to the edge of the cliff.
In the face of international market pressure, molding machine domestic enterprises to cope with increasingly fierce market competition, some low-end products production of relative surplus, the unfavorable factors such as lack of core competence, increasing the financial input in technology, positive change management pattern, the use of modern network highlight the function of the invisible market, achieve tangible, intangible market simultaneously, broaden the sales channels, mining enterprise potential, and actively explore the international market, to make enterprise really go out of the dilemma.

With the continuous development of the plastic machine industry in China, the demand and demand for plastic machine products are also gradually improving.
Such improvements have brought greater impetus to industry technology.
In the future development of the industry, technological innovation is the main factor, and technological upgrading is necessary, which is the most important condition for the rapid development of the industry and the market demand.

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