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The machinery sector is expected to grow by double digits.
Source: http://www.huazongsj.com Release time: 2017-12-22
This year, China's machinery industry will gradually strengthen its internal capacity, and the whole industry is expected to maintain double-digit growth and export growth will be about 8 percent.
Understands from China machinery industry federation, China machinery industry 2015 years ago may have into in the whole industrial economic operation, the entire industry industrial added value growth of eleven percent, the main indicators are significantly higher than the industry average.
At the same time, China's machinery industry also had several problems in the previous may, such as weak demand, low prices and increased competition.

It is worth noting that in the first half of this year, China's machinery industry has become increasingly divided among major industries, and the future will continue this trend.
In addition, the downward pressure of the whole industry still exists, the problem of construction machinery and agriculture machinery industry is more outstanding.
All in all, China's machinery industry is now bearing the important mission of transformation and upgrading. Its internal and external environment is still complicated and changeable, and the economic operation of the industry is still very difficult.
China machinery industry federation officials pointed out that China's machinery industry to get rid of the trouble, we must abandon on pure denotation expansion as soon as possible and reduce the price to compete for "scale" model of competition.
In addition, we will continue to innovate in products, services and business models.
The overall demand for China's machinery sector will remain weak throughout the year and the industry will maintain a stable primary tone.
People in the industry said that at present, the central and local stable growth will be effective, and the macro economy will be expected to improve further in the second half of the year, which is a strong support for China's machinery industry.

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