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Recycled plastic granulator market broad material machine ring.
Source: http://www.huazongsj.com Release time: 2017-12-22
As an important part of environmental protection industry, plastic recycling industry has not only made great contribution to environmental protection, but also promoted the progress of economic development.

It is understood that the number of plastic recycling enterprises in China is more than 10,000, and the recycling outlets are scattered all over the country, which has formed a batch of large-scale recycled plastic recycling market and processing hubs.

The number of enterprises and personnel engaged in recycling and processing of recycled plastic is large and steady, mainly in self-employed households and farmers, as well as some other industry investors.
The plastic recycling industry has provided a channel for rural economic growth, rural surplus labor employment and income increase, and has made great contributions to the recycling of resources and environmental protection.
In the plastic recycling industry, recycled plastic particles play a huge advantage, it has a broad application space and the huge cost advantage, after waste plastics processing particles, has good comprehensive performance, can meet the blown film, drawing, laguan, injection molding, extrusion profiles, technical requirements, not only solved the pollution problem, more to start small and medium-sized investors new profit opportunities.

The application of recycled particles is widely used to make various kinds of plastic bags, buckets, POTS, toys, furniture, stationery and other living appliances and various kinds of plastic products.
Clothing industry, can be used to make clothing, ties, buttons, zippers.
In the aspect of building materials, the derivatives of recycled plastic particles are made of various building components, plastic doors and Windows, etc.
Chemical industry, can be used to make reaction kettle, pipe, container, pump, valve and so on, applied in the solution of corrosion and wear of chemical production sites.
Agriculture, can be used to make agricultural film, water pipe, farm equipment, fertilizer packaging bags, cement bags.
In addition, the recycled particles are also widely used in the electrical and telecommunications industries.

Recycled plastic particles have a huge cost advantage.
A medium-sized agricultural film factory needs more than 1000 tons of high pressure polyethylene raw material (ldpe) every year.
At present, the average price of ldpe in plastic market nationwide is 7,000 yuan/ton, and the average price of ldpe recycled particle is 3,800 yuan/ton, and the difference is 3200 yuan per ton.
If half of a medium-sized agricultural film plant buys recycled plastic pellets, the cost of raw materials alone can save 1.6 million yuan a year.

Waste plastic recycled plastic particles have a wide market, large demand for plastic enterprises, and recycling particles are favored by plastic manufacturers, which have a huge market prospect.
The broad market of recycled plastic pellets is also a foreshore for the development of the recycling plastic granulator industry.
In the current situation of China's recycling plastic granulator industry, the recycling plastic granulator has a huge development space in China.
In recent years, with the development of the renewable plastic industry, the price of chemical raw materials has been rising, and the state has also begun to urge the development and transformation of the plastic recycling granulator industry.
And the growing market demand also makes recycled plastic granulator market more and more optimistic.

Today, recycling and utilization of waste plastics in China is still not high, acceptance of plant matter, especially is diffuse yan unevenly, mostly place nearly vacancy, on the other hand, our country in recent years, industry growth agile, market prosperity, there have been dozens of large plastic market, waste plastic particles constantly demand should not supply, the price go up and up, the waste plastic particles disposal of punishment will be a future of growth, as the important disposal of punishment and inflexible renewable plastic granulator will have a broad customer base.

As for recycled plastic particles plant less damaging, the investment scope of intrusive, and a low barriers to entry, can start from the production line, also can buy more at the same time setting range of production equipment deployment.
But the profits are higher, so there will be more factories to be created in the future, which will be a huge trade opportunity for the plastic granulator to set up the equipment deployer.

Therefore, to explore new growth way plastic granulator skills, energy efficiency, environmental protection and the quality of the product must be held comprehensive consideration, to ensure comprehensive, harmonious and continuous growth.
To implement the development strategy of high efficiency and green plastic granulator, it is necessary to take the resource-saving path, and make a single extensive plastic granulator for combination and intelligent plastic granulator.

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