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The straight cut plastic extruded plastic extruding machine.
Source: http://www.huazongsj.com Release time: 2017-12-22

Main technical features of the equipment.
Straight cut type underwater pelletizing plastic extruding and granulating machine group is mainly composed of two exhaust type extruder, underwater cutting die head, flexible cutter holder, vertical automatic dewaterer device, vibration sieve separation, air conveying system, aggregate material door, etc.
Traditional recycling of waste plastics extrusion granulator dicing technology is melt extrusion brace after cooling solidification grain cutting, and straight cutting type underwater cutting plastic extruding and granulating machine group in the melt state is a new type of underwater pelletizing machine, directly melt cutting materials have obvious advantages over solid blanking.
1) because the plastic is in melt state had been scraping blade and the circulating cooling solidification, under different viscosity of the polymer can be cut in this form, the melt state incised grain will not form any dust, slice of good quality, and diced well-shaped, package transportation convenience;
2) can be adjusted according to the extrusion of automatic matching of the die head out of the feed rate and cutting speed, to change the granule size, also can use artificial adjusting tool post number (up to 4 pieces) to change the granule size and shape;
3) the direct cutting of the underwater cutting pellets will cut the plastic directly into the granule and cool it. After being dehydrated by high speed dehydrator, it can effectively remove the moisture of the finished product particles, and the drying effect is good.
The following procedure is equipped with vibrating screen, which can be used for grading and cooling granular materials, and automatic discharge of impurities and coarse materials, so that the granulation process can be automated and easier to operate.

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