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Renovation of screw barrel? You have to know about these dark ACTS.
Source: http://www.huazongsj.com Release time: 2017-12-22

The principle and precautions of screw barrel reconditioning.

Screw gun barrel used after a period of time, screw the screw arris and cylinder of the nitride layer (when making new screw screw and cylinder with nitriding heat treatment, and there are about 30-60 wire surface oxide layer) is a two-way wear, the gap between both sides, lead to plastic parts return, is greatly reduced and the plasticizing effect, screw renovation in the old screw, increasing the thickness of the screw arris, fill the gap, in order to achieve the purpose of increase production.
At present, there are three major renovations in China:
(1) welding: alloy electrode (20-30 yuan/kg) welding.
Disadvantages: it is not wear-resistant, it is more prone to false welding, the surface is not smooth, there will be sand eyes, and the grain will be stopped in the screw, leading to the appearance of small yellow coke and black spots.
(2) spray welding: spray the gold powder (30-50 yuan/kg) with a special "acetylene - oxygen" spray gun.
Disadvantages: not wear-resisting, with sand eye, the alloy has partial incomplete melting during the process of spray welding. In the process of use, the alloy powder will appear with the material, causing the material leakage and damage of the die head.
(3) surfacing welding: using "acetylene - oxygen", the alloy welding rod of 300 yuan/KG is completely melted on the screw.

Can the tube not be treated with nitriding?

Can't be!
Do new cylinder, cylinder have been nitriding treatment, after processing wire thickness of about 40-50 or so, when the first screw wear out, cylinder is worn, degree of each are not identical, but if the decline in output more severe, cylinder of the nitride layer can't more than 20 c (silk), and each cylinder of nitriding layer thickness is different, so some renovated factory do the renovation for the first time, can be used for more than six months, but the second time, even in less than three months, the reason is that when the first nitride layer and the thickness of the nitrided layer, so can also be used to more than six months, renovate the second nitride layer is not completely, so without use.
It is the key to ensure the length of screw barrel to be used for heat treatment.
Some renovate factory to save cost, do not do nitride heat treatment to the material tube!

Is the cylinder treated with nitrogen heat treatment?

Cylinder nitriding heat treatment after color becomes gray, have qualitative feeling, is different from before doing the color of rust, some factory lie burn, is pure black, no sense, a cylinder can be at most four times nitriding heat treatment, because the iron cylinder has been modified, the internal structure has been changed.
Since the nitrification furnace requires one or two hundred screws to open the furnace, there is no nitriding furnace in the place where the mechanical hardware is not developed.
Any a factory do face-lifting, if not to nitriding treatment of cylinder, absolutely use long as nitriding treatment, if old screw cylinder is the first time do face-lifting, cylinder without nitriding processing, use time is to see the extent of the original cylinder wear how!
Therefore, the quality of the refurbishment factory that did not have the material tube nitride treatment is not stable, some use long some use not long, the reason is so!
The old material can be used to determine the length of use.

What is the wear degree of the drum and screw?

The wear degree of the barrel and screw is different for each screw barrel.
Material wear different, generally speaking, due to the screw position is screw arris is proactive and friction, the friction screw arris area is smaller than the cylinder, so the screw is far larger, wear general screw than 3:1 gun barrel wear degree, but if the material is qualitative hardness is far more than the screw cylinder that is cylinder wear more!

The price of refurbishment is high and low?
How long will it last?

Each factory has different positioning. Some factories locate at low price and low quality to obtain customers quickly, so the price is very cheap.
Some plants rely on quality to achieve long-term customers, the cost is high, so the price is relatively higher, but one thing, a plant to survive, must want to have a profit to survive, only buy the wrong not wrong, often factory at low prices, you should consider to be clear about whether to choose!
The low price is made of domestic alloy, the barrel is not nitrified heat treatment, at best use fire to cheat!
The screw barrel is made of imported alloy, and the turret nitride heat treatment is renovated, and the raw material is used for at least two years, at least 30% more than the previous use time!

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