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Maintenance of underwater cutting machine.
Source: http://www.huazongsj.com Release time: 2017-12-22

The cause of the problem
In the extruding granulation unit, the friction clutch of the extruding granulator is removed in operation, and the reason of the unit interlock parking can be divided into four categories:
Main motor system failure.
1. The main motor torque is too high or too low;
2. The main motor speed is too low;
3. High temperature of main motor bearing;
4. High temperature of main motor winding;
5. The inlet temperature of the cooling device of the main motor water cooling is too high;
6. Low outlet flow of main motor bearing lubricating oil pump;
7. The outlet pressure of main motor bearing lubricating oil pump is too low;
8. The water leakage of the main motor water cooler is too high.

Transmission system failure
1. Deviation of gear box shift lever;
2. Excessive pressure of the instrument wind of friction clutch;
3. The speed difference of friction clutch is too large;
4. The outlet pressure of gear box lubricating oil pump is too low;
5. The outlet oil temperature of gear box lubricating oil pump is too high;
6. Internal failure of friction clutch, etc.
Extruding extruder screw process section failure.
1. The melt pressure of the throttle valve is too high;
2. Excessive head melt pressure;
3. The melt pressure difference before and after the switch is too large;
4. Driving valve rotation failure, etc.
Underwater cutting system failure.
1. The winding temperature of the cutting motor is too high;
2. The cutting machine speed is too low;
3. High torque of the cutting machine;
4. Automatic switching of granular water bypass;
5. The water pressure is too high or too low;
6. Low particle flow rate;
7. The cutting machine clamping bolt is not tight;
8. The water valve in the cutting room bypass valve is not closed;
9. The hydraulic clamping pressure of the cutting machine is too low;
10. Failure of the cutting motor;
11. The hydraulic cutting tool axial feed pressure is too low.
In the above fault causes, there are more frequent occurrences: the main motor of the main motor system is too high or too low;
Fault of friction clutch in transmission system;
The melt pressure of extruder screw process is high;
In this paper, the reasons for these common faults are analyzed in detail, and the corresponding solutions are given.
Analysis of common cause of failure and solutions.
The main motor torque is too high.
Reason analysis:
Oil lubrication system failure, the main motor output shaft and the gear box and shaft on the bad, motor and clutch will damage the main motor bearing vibration and other reasons, led to excessive torque. In addition, feeding overload or molten material will also lead to bad main motor torque is too high.
Regular inspection on lubricating oil system, cleaning, using vibration measuring instrument and infrared thermometer to measure and main motor bearing formation trend diagram. If super trend values, determination of main motor idling current value or the power values are super specified value, determine whether a bearing should be replaced. Regularly check the main motor output shaft and the gear box to in between the input shaft, drive or replace the bearing running for the first time after three months must be checked in the case. For electrical test, determine the cause of the unbalanced rotor;
To vibration velocity test of clutch, e. should readjust the dynamic balance. If more than regular inspection on cylinder heating, cooling system, fully guarantee the material is heated evenly fusion. If extruder driving moment, main motor power curve and increase the melt pressure curve moment, suggests that feeding system of the feed rate of moment is too big, should reduce feed feed rate.
The main motor torque is too low.
Reason analysis:
The failure of the feeding system causes the double screw idling to lead to the low torque of the main motor.
Check to determine whether there is a failure in the feed system of the additive system or the main material to clean up the blockage.
Friction clutch failure.
Reason analysis:
The main motor instantly starts the voltage too low, the friction plate, the friction plate overheating, the friction disc and the friction plate aging, the friction disc air pressure too low and so on can cause the clutch to release.
When the main motor starts, it should avoid the peak of power consumption, reduce the load load, and restart the minimum interval of 30 minutes.
Repeated more than twice over the summer to start the main motor, should prolong the time interval or the use of forced cooling fan. With instrument wind sweep rag wipe friction plate and friction disc surface ash trace, if wear heavier or surface appeared the phenomenon of vitrification, friction plate, friction plate should be changed. Confirm that the air pressure value can make the friction plate and friction plate joint.
Melt pressure
Reason analysis:
High filter mesh count, low powder polypropylene melt index and feeding capacity is big, paragraphs cylinder low temperature melting of material is not complete, template opening rate is low to make head stuck out of material can lead to the melt pressure is too high.
In the production of low melting index products, a low number of filters should be used to increase the opening of the throttle to reduce back pressure.
Timely replacement filter, monitor the quality of the various additives and polypropylene powder ash product. Reduce the feed load. Under the condition of not affecting the quality of extrusion product, improve the paragraphs barrel temperature, make the polypropylene melt temperature increase, increase the material liquidity. Extruder after parking, raise head temperature and constant temperature after a period of time, thoroughly rinse clean template.
Underwater cutting system failure.
Reason analysis:
Excessive or blade mouth damage, cutter wear particles flow is too low, dicing machine vibration is too large, cutter and formwork joint is not tight, material melt index fluctuation is inconsistent ambassador discharging velocity, particle temperature had higher reasons can lead to under water pelletizing system parking resulting in the entire unit interlock.
After parking, visual check whether the blade mouth is excessive wear or damage, if it shall all be replaced cutter. Check and confirm whether the water leakage, particle filter blockage and cooler POTS, if the plug should be manually;
Check particle pump exit pressure is normal, if not normal should overhaul particles water pump and pump pipe line valve. Check the knife between shaft and dicing machine whether in super bad, knife shaft bearing assembly for damage, cutting knife rotor dynamic balancing is imbalance. Check the granule in running the car four mobile if there is a gap between wheel and rail contact. Control the volatilization of polypropylene powder, eliminate when flowing through the template hole on the cutting knife and cutting knife shaft vibration. Reduce the template in hot oil temperature, check the cylinder and the temperature distribution in the template, the cylinder cooling water flow rate, pressure and temperature is normal;
, "dao" water, reaching the template time setting, prevent water particles arrive prematurely template template hole of frozen wall. After dicing machine on the nose, should put the feed rate of rapid ascension to the setting load of extruder.
If above can be the cause of the problem points combined with interlocking logic relation compiled into fault diagnosis software, is for the unit operation, maintenance and management to provide quick and intuitive reference and help.

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